Friday Folder Flyers



Friday Folder PTA Flyer Workflow

  • Dorie Howell (PTA President) approves the flyer and sends it to Kate O’Neil (Administrative Assistant) by 12p on Tuesday.
  • Kate O’Neil sends the flyer to Kevin West (Principal) for approval.
  • Kevin West approves the flyer.
  • Julie Hanssen Harris and Kara Manton (Communications Team) add the flyer to the SVES PTA website.
  • Print the flyers:
    • Use the yellow paper in the PTA cabinet in the work room (near the entrance to the K-3 wing, down the hall on the way to the playground)
    • Choose to print one flyer per family or one flyer per student
    • Print flyers for each classroom, using the Students/Class document in the work room
    • Label each classroom’s flyers with the teacher’s name and ‘one per family’ or ‘one per student’
  • Deliver completed flyers to the front office by 12p on Thursday.

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